Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sight Words, Sound Awareness, Etc.

It's been busy this summer, so I haven't done much updating.  A friend was curious about apps that I have that address sight words, sound awareness, etc.  Here are a few that I have.

Sight Words List - Learn to Read Flash Cards and Games:  This app is FREE and has some nice features...it has premade word lists designed for preschool, kindergarten, first grade, etc. You can also shuffle/mix the decks.  The decks are very basic with large print.  If you go to the settings icon (small gear), you can turn the sound on/off and control a variety of options such as: timing, capitalizing, font size/color, etc.   You can also make your own custom lists...which was fun to do with my son.  We thought of words, listed names of friends/family, etc and made his own word list.  With therapy in mind, I started making articulation lists, of course!  You are also able to record spoken words.  I made some word lists and recorded the words in my voice; however, a student could do their articulation practice by making their own list and then scoring if they produced their target sound correctly.  The 'make your own list' has lots of therapy options...I would like to try writing phrases and having phrase lists. 

Sight Words - by Photo Touch: This app is Free as well, and also by the same company as the first app.  Again, the nicest feature is that you can customize this app to suit your needs.  You can display hints, control how many items you want to display, customize items, customize sounds, and choose between different levels.  It also levels up or down depending how well the child/student does.   It should be noted that it says 'photo', but it doesn't appear to have actual photos...the mode that my son plays in has 3 words to choose from when he hears a word read to him.

ABC Alphabet Phonics: Another Free app.  The child/student must identify/touch the letter that is said. As the child progresses, additional choices/letters are added. 

Word Blocks: This app presents a series of words with an auditory model (person reads a sentence). The child/student must drag scrambled words into the correct places.  This app is free.  It lacks some of the customization that other apps have. I would use this more with students who are working on word order.

Alphabet Zoo: This app is Free and targets learning the letter-sounds.  You can play in practice or quiz mode. The app shows the alphabet along the bottom of the screen.  The child can select letters to hear the name (first tap) and hear the sound (second tap). Additional taps reveal an animal and make the animal move.  A very nice app as it has repetition, basic designs colors, etc.

ABA Alphabet by Kindergarten.com: Pictures that are associated with each letter. Auditory model provided.

Alphabet Tracing: This Free app addresses alphabet tracing...the child learns the movements necessary for letter production.

Phonics Land:  I have the Free version which only includes letters A-F...I haven't bought the upgrade.  The child is presented with a letter and can uncover 3 pictures that are associated.  There are some additional activities that follow each letter.  The repetition is nice.  There are even little songs and sentence-stories that go with each letter.

Here are a few more apps that I still need to write about:
Kids Learn Sight Words Lite
AlligatorApps.com has a few more free sight word apps that are similar to some of the apps above.

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