Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Halloween Materials

Here are some newer Halloween materials that I made, Free!  Enjoy!

Halloween - What Am I? "Lift the Flap" Book:  Download this free book that I made. Teachers/Parents will need to cut some rectangles and tape the rectangles over the pictures on each page to create the 'flap' effect. Simply staple the book together, cut rectangles, place one top of a picture, place tape along the top....repeat!  Then read to your child! =)
Teacher Pay Teacher Free Download 

**Remember, there is some assembly involved: stapling the book together (I also had the students make a cover for it...a pumpkin and we worked on following directions/making requests/etc), plus you will need to cut pieces of paper to make the flaps, but it is very quick/easy!

Halloween - Who or What Am I (game only version):
Teacher Pay Teacher Free Download

My PlayHome Stores and Duplo Trains

When I posted about some fun apps that I found this summer, I forgot to include My PlayHome Stores and Duplo Trains.
My Playhome Stores is similar to the original, but has a town or store theme, it costs 1.99.  It has a variety of stores and provides ample opportunity for vocabulary development.  I use this app for labeling of nouns/actions, listing items within categories, listing associations, and other language related goals.
iPhone Screenshot 1

iPhone Screenshot 2

iPhone Screenshot 3

Duplo Trains: a FREE app that allows the student to pick 'cars' for the train, design track layouts, pick cargo, pull the whistle, and build bridges. It is a nice app for vocabulary associated with transportation/trains, listing associations with trains, talking about the scenery, discussing why we need to make a train stop, making predictions about what stop is next, talking about cause/effect, problem solving, etc.  Love this one!
iPhone Screenshot 1

iPhone Screenshot 2

iPhone Screenshot 3

iPhone Screenshot 4

iPhone Screenshot 5

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Happy October and Halloween 2014!

Here are some of my favorite, and some new, Halloween and Fall apps!

Henry's Spooky Headlamp: This app goes on sale frequently, but otherwise it is $.99. This app is basically an I Spy type of game.  I use this app for students ages 3 through primary grades.  Here are some of the ways that I use this app:

  • Identify and/or label Halloween vocabulary
  • Identify or Explain how the items go with Halloween (A pumpkin is something that you carve during Halloween)
  • Articulation: A good number of the items contain some popular articulation targets for carryover activities 
    • I see a spider web (/sp/ blend, /b/ final)
    • I see a scarecrow (/sk/ blend)
    • I see a black cat (/bl/, /k/ initial and final)
    • Depending on what sounds we are working on, I might change the carrier sentence to: I am looking for, I am searching for, etc.
  • Phrases/Sentences: For students who might only label items, this is nice for expanding their utterances.
    • They say, "cat", expand the utterance to, "I see a black cat" or "I see a black cat that has yellow eyes"
  • Same/Different: for younger students, we talk about same/different and being able to reference the item we are looking for while scanning the screen.  So, some fine motor and scanning skills are also practiced. =)

If you like this app, no worries about Halloween ending...they have different versions for different seasons/themes!

Halloween Totems HD: A free app!  It's just a fun incentive app that I use for quick turns during other skills. You could still talk about vocabulary, or even some concepts and other skills (short, tall, balancing, fell, how many blocks?, etc). Again, if you like this app after Halloween, no worries, they have another version, called Two Tall Totems.
iPad Screenshot 4

Parents Carve a Pumpkin: This is a free app!  For your phone or ipad/tablet.  I use it in the following ways:

  • Vocabulary: Talk about pumpkins, pumpkin colors, parts on a jack o lantern, etc
  • Describing: The students must give sentences that describe their pumpkin as they pick features
  • Fun: We also use this app for an incentive/fun time while we do other more structured skills/practice. 

iPhone Screenshot 1

iPhone Screenshot 3

Here is a list of other apps that I use as well:

Giggle Ghosts: for counting, or as 'fun'.

Mickey's Spooky Night Puzzle Book:  I use this app for vocabulary and answering basic wh- questions.

Elly the Reindeer The Spooky Party: A Halloween party book.  I use this app for vocabulary and answering basic wh- qustions.

Maria Counts Pumpkins: A LAZ reader book.

Landon's Pumpkins: A LAZ reader book.

Wood Puzzle Halloween HD: I use this app for vocabulary and 'fun'.

Treat Street

Clicky Sticky Halloween Sticker Book: I use this app for following directions and conceptual terms.  I either provide directions on where to put stickers, or students can also give me (or a peer) directions.