Great Apps for Therapy!

**NOTE**  I still adding to this it is UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

Here is a 'short' list of great apps that I own, have used, and/or currently use for therapy!  You will find many more in my blog posts, but I tried to create a short list of my favorite 'go to' apps.

Just for Fun & Learning

Toca Boca Apps  
Toca Fairy Tales - Free
Toca Hair Salon - .99 
Toca Hair Salon 2 - 1.99  
Toca Tailor - 2.99 
Toca Kitchen - 2.99 
Toca House - 2.99 
Toca Train - 2.99
Toca Robot - 2.99
Toca Band - 2.99
Toca Birthday Party - Free

Doodle Apps  by Shoe the Goose  
Cookie Doodle - 1.99 
(This developer has an entire collection of ice cream, cake, etc apps that are fun....I only listed one to get you to the developer) 

My First Wood Puzzles (Free, this developer has many...I just listed one example) 
Dinosaurs - Free 
Duck Duck Moose Apps (most are .99 to 1.99) 
Wheels on the Bus 
Itsty Bitsy Spider 
Old McDonald

Lego Apps (free)  (Just a few of my favorites)
Lego 4+ 
Lego Duplo zoo 
Lego city fire hose frenzy 

Other Random FUN Apps 
HOP on drums - Free
Go Go Mongo Lite - Free 
Cut the Rope Free 
Where's my Water Free 
Where's my Perry  (Pay or Free)
Cars in Sand Box - 2.99 - 
Doodle Jump HOP - Free 
Clicky Sticky Easter - .99 
Sam Phibian - Free
Build it up - Free (this developer has several...this is just the link to ONE)
Match it up - Free
Mickey Mouse Road Rally - Free
My Playhome

Marketed for Speech/Language - by Developer

Smarty Ears
Custom Boards Premium
Speech Trainer 3D
Preposition Remix
R Intensive
Therapy Report Center
Sunny Articulation Test
Adjective Remix
Minimal Pairs Academy
Language Adventures
Articulation Scenes
Categories Learning Center
Articulate It!
House of Learning
Minimal Pairs Academy
Category Carousel 
Is That Silly?

Mobile Education Tools
Rainbow Sentences
Conversation Builder Teen
Conversation Builder
Language Builder Deluxe
Question Builder
Sentence Builder
Story Builder
Preposition Builder

Hamaguchi Apps
Fun with Directions HD
More Fun with Directions HD
First Phrases
Picture the Sentence
Talk About It

SuperDuper Inc.
Let's Name Things
Super Duper Data Tracker
Following Directions
How? Fun Deck
Plurals Fun Deck
Regular Past Tense
What Doesn't Belong?
Compare and Contrast
Wh Questions at School
What's Being Said?
What are They Thinking?
60 Story Starters
Understanding Inferences
Practicing Pragmatics
What are They Asking?
What Would You Do at School?
What Would You Do at Home?
What are They Thinking?

Little Bee Speech
Articulation Station Pro

Express SLP
I Can Articulate SLP (I do not prefer this articulation app!!! But thought I would note that I bought it, I just don't like it. I wrote a review on iTunes and it mysteriously disappeared.)

Speech with Milo
Articulation Board Game

Blue Whale
Speech Therapy for Apraxia - Words
Speech Therapy for Aprazia (Syllables)

Autism & PDD Assocations
Autism & PDD Opposites
Autism & PDD Basic Questions
Autism & PDD Grammar
Autism & PDD Reasoning and Problem Solving
Autism & PDD Yes/No Questions
Autism & PDD Comparatives
Autism & PDD Concepts
Phonology Cards

Receptive Identification by Class
Receptive Identification 
Problem Solving
Problem Solving - Which Go Together
ABC Flashcards
Plus a few more...

Mayer Johnson

PCS Vocabulary 
PCS Articulation 
Articulation FlipBooks
Plus a few more...

Virtual Speech Center
Auditory Workout

Other S/L apps
Kids iHelp - Analogies
Lexico Cognition (Following Directions)
Question Assembly 
Sound Touch (for auditory listening/sound identification/sound awareness)
Splingo's Language Universe
Go Talk Now Free 
(click here for the Manual/Support for Go Talk Now)
Make Dice
Phonics Genius

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