Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Halloween Materials

Here are some newer Halloween materials that I made, Free!  Enjoy!

Halloween - What Am I? "Lift the Flap" Book:  Download this free book that I made. Teachers/Parents will need to cut some rectangles and tape the rectangles over the pictures on each page to create the 'flap' effect. Simply staple the book together, cut rectangles, place one top of a picture, place tape along the top....repeat!  Then read to your child! =)
Teacher Pay Teacher Free Download 

**Remember, there is some assembly involved: stapling the book together (I also had the students make a cover for it...a pumpkin and we worked on following directions/making requests/etc), plus you will need to cut pieces of paper to make the flaps, but it is very quick/easy!

Halloween - Who or What Am I (game only version):
Teacher Pay Teacher Free Download

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