Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Paint My Wings

Last week, Toca Boca's Paint My Wings was free for a day!  I lucked out! It is a more basic app than their others, but I can see several therapeutic uses for it...and it's fun.  You are given a butterfly template, as far as I know, you can not choose your butterfly.  On the left side of the screen, there are various fruits that are colored...this is how you select your color.  At the bottom left, you can pick what type of 'paint brush tip' you would like to use.
Examples of Some Therapy Goals:
1) Following (and giving) Directions:  Students could take turns giving and following directions to decorate a butterfly.  If done orally, this could address spatial concepts, multi-step directions, etc.  "Before you put 3 pink dots at the top of the wing, put 2 blue dots at the bottom".  Directions could be as simple or complex as needed.
2) Social/Pragmatic Skills: Multiple skills could be addressed.  Again, this could be done orally or through non-verbal communication (through head nods yes or no).  Eye contact, flexible thought, body language, staying in the group, etc could all be addressed.  Ex:   Students could take turns indicating yes/no through non-verbal communication to indicate what color and paintbrush tip they want used, etc.
3) "Equal", "Pattern", "Symmetry" concepts:  This app address the concept symmetry...when you decorate one side of the butterfly, the other side automatically matches.  A great way to address conceptual terms dealing with 'equal', 'same', 'pattern', 'symmetry', etc.
3) Other Goals:  I will also likely use this app for miscellaneous goals, such as articulation drill, listening practice, auditory bombardment, etc.  The student can decorate the butterfly as I read listening lists  OR  they can color 1 area after a designated number of production practice words. Again, the photo feature is nice because if the parent is waiting during the session (for my younger clients), the child can show their 'art work' to the parent at the end of the session....or the picture can be sent via email!

Note: When you are finished decorating a simply tap the butterfly button and your butterfly flies away...a new butterfly appears.  If you would like to save your butterfly, use the in-app camera button.  This feature would be especially useful if you wanted to address comparing/contrasting goals.

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