Monday, January 16, 2012

Scribble Press

Scribble Press was featured as a FREE app on App Friday (Jan. 13th, 2012).  I installed it and have just begun to look at it, but so far, I see some really great features.  It has several modes:  "My Books" (books that you created and can create), "My Drawings" (drawing/note pad type of feature with lots of neat choices), and a "Gallery" (download other people's creations for free).   So what does this app have to offer?

--My Books:  You can create your own book by choosing from a multitude of pre-made options, or start with a blank book.  Pre-made options include: About Me, Aliens, Family, Fantasy, Holiday, Humor, Most Popular, and School. Within each of those categories, there are sub-choices. For example, within "About Me" there are the following choices: All About Me, If I Ran for President, If I Ruled the World, My Book Favorites, My Day at the Beach, and My Vacation.  To get started, you choose a category, and then a book.  You then are presented with a format, like a Mad-Lib, in which you add certain words...and you go from there.

--My Drawings: When you open a new drawing, you are given a piece of paper and 5 marker tools.  There is also a large box of markers, if you tap on this, you can choose from tons of colors. Select a color, and you are then prompted to pick a marker thickness or stamp marker. These markers will be added to your tool box. You are also given an eraser, a text icon (for typing), a camera, background colors, and pre-drawn pictures.  The pre-drawn pictures are similar to little stickers or characters...I really like this feature!

--Gallery: You can pick from a really large selection of books/pieces of work created by other adults/students.  You can download them and save them to your gallery.  

So, how would I use this app????????

--My Books: Great for creating narratives,  retelling events, creating social stories, doing a "How To..." project, etc.  You can use a blank book, add a cover and as many pages as you want.  Create your own artwork or choose from the pre-made artwork...or take a picture with the camera. I really like the artwork that they include. You can also choose from the pre-made books.  This feature would be great for a cloze reading activity in which students need to consider the theme and use sentence context clues to complete the store by filling in the missing blanks.  Don't forget that students can publish/share the books that they create!!!  They should then be viewable in the Gallery.  I haven't tested this feature yet...but I can only imagine how excited students might get to see their/their friend's books in the Gallery!  The developer also noted that in the future, you will be able to print created works.

--My Drawings: I like the idea of using this as a note pad for something like a graphic organizer, word bank, etc.  I could easily have the students list words associated with a topic/theme (ex: words describing winter).  They could then refer to the notepad as they write descriptive sentences, etc.  This would be a great app to pair with a smartboard; unfortunately, I do not have one!!!!!  But you could project the notepad onto the smartboard for brainstorming sessions, spelling games, math facts, studying vocabulary, etc.  Again, I like the pre-made could pick a clipart picture and have the students produce a sentence or story about the item. Again, a smartboard would be awesome with this!!!

--Gallery: This will be great for viewing created work.  I haven't yet found a way to 'search' the gallery.  You have to scroll through. It's great that there are so many stories to choose from for FREE!!!!!  I plan on using these for social stories, comprehension questions, retelling stories, sequencing, etc.

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