Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rainbow Sentences

Rainbow Sentences, by Mobile Education Tools, is from the same developer as LanguageBuilder, SentenceBuilder, ConversationBuilder, etc. The app targets word order/sentence structure.   The student drags words or groups of words to lines above a picture to create a sentence. The words and/or lines can be color-coded.  This color-coding option helps to visually train students basic sentence assembly. There are 3 levels of play:
1) Who + What doing
2) Who + What doing + Where doing
3) Who + What doing + Where doing + Why doing it

This app has been a nice addition to my 'bag of tricks' for targeting syntax. For students who are not of reading age, or struggle with reading, simply drag or move the word around a little, and the word/phrase will be read aloud. For $7.99, this app was definitely a good buy.

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  1. Jenny - This is Kyle Tomson, the president of Mobile Education Store. Thanks so much for the review of Rainbow Sentences! Let me know if I can do anything for you!