Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Deleting Apps By Accident?

Have you ever had an app that was deleted by accident? This can easily happen, especially if multiple students are using an iPad.  Here is how you can prevent that from happening.
  1. Go to Settings, make sure you are under the General category (along left side of menu).
  2. Select 'Restrictions' (about the 5th menu bubble down from the top).
  3. You will be prompted to enter a passcode, if this is your first time doing this...pick a 4 digit number that you will remember.
  4. Look down to 'Deleting Apps'...switch the slider button to OFF (yes it must be OFF).
  5. Apps can NOT be deleted now!  When you hold an app down to put them into jiggle mode, there will no longer be the option to delete it.

Now....perhaps you installed an app and don't care for do you delete it?  Just reverse the process. Go into Settings, select Restrictions, enter your passcode, and switch the slider button to YES under Deleting Apps.  This will let you delete apps again.  Make sure to go back and disable this feature though when you are finished deleting apps before letting students use the iPad again!!!

**I will add some screen shots soon of this process...

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