Thursday, September 1, 2011

Names in a Hat

Names in a Hat is a recent app that I purchased for $.99.  It is designed for the iPhone, so you will need to increase the size if using this app on the iPad. I purchased Names in a Hat with the specific desire to have an app that can be used to randomly generate specific targets.  The app was designed to randomly select names, which it could still be used for in a small group or classroom setting.  Here is how I plan to use it (at least a few ideas):
Articulation: Generate lists of target words (can be specific to student...can even generate the lists with the student during the session as a form of practice).  After the list is generated, the student taps the screen and a target word will appear.
Language: Very similar to my above procedure...I will select whatever target I am addressing for that session or student...create my word list...and begin practice!

Truly, this is another universal app that can be adapted for ANY goal...math facts, story starters, unit spelling words or new vocabulary words, synonyms/antonyms, quick break exercises (do 5 jumping jacks or take 2 deep breaths), etc.  This app would work very well when targeting skills in a small group or 'round robin' style activity where students pass the iPad in a circle/group and take turns practicing a skill. It is also a great app because it is quick...I can foresee being able to squeeze in many repetitions during a session.  If a student finishes their session work early or finishes a class assignment early, this is a great app for quick practice of other skills.

Here are some screen shots of current goals/targets that I have already created.

Index of some of the lists I have created

From my "Listing Items in Groups" category

 From my "/r/ initial" for articulation

 From my "Wh- Questions" category

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