Wednesday, September 7, 2011


In my best haunted Halloween voice, there are some 'SpooktAPPular' apps for Fall and Halloween!  There are also some that are not so spectacular...I'll list those as well in hopes others won't waste time installing/deleting.  As Fall goes along, I'll add new apps that I find to this try checking back!

Currently in My App Bucket of Treats!

Treat Street: $1.99  Love this app! It is like role play for trick or treating! You start by picking a costume (tap on character's head/body/feet).  Walk along the street and tap a house to go trick or treating. Knock on the door or ring the doorbell! Collect Candy! Touch items for cause/effect reactions (owl = hoots, pumpkin = giggles). Organize your treats! Useful for:
  • Describing and designing costumes
  • Describing Street Scenes
  • Sequencing: students can tell steps for trick or treating (list/draw on paper, etc), play the game, and review the sequence of steps.
  • Social Stories: talk about skills needed to go trick or treating, pair this app with actual role play (use the video camera to tape), talk about expected/unexpected behaviors for Halloween

Mickey's Spooky Night Puzzle: $.99  This book has some nice features, one of which is that you can record your own voice reading or retelling the story.  You must also search for ghosts and complete puzzles along the way.  Another nice feature is that many pages feature a picture scene which could be used for an "I Spy" activity. Useful for:
Story retelling: listen to the book in narration mode, or go to the settings and opt to record your own voice...which could be useful for having students retell the story in their own words.

123 Sticker: $1.99 (discussed in previous blog). Pick the Halloween screen and go crazy decorating.  Useful for:
  • following directions, 
  • basic concepts/conceptual terms/spatial and temporal concepts, 
  • writing a Halloween story, 
  • formulating and/or writing descriptive sentences or sentences with specific targets (verbs, nouns, adjectives), and
  • any other goals you can think of!

Carve a Pumpkin by Parents: $.99 by Parents Magazine. I looked at several 'carve your own pumpkin' apps and chose this one based on the price and 'realness' of the pumpkins.  You can select from a variety of pumpkins of different colors.  You can hand carve it OR pick from categories (eyes, noses, mouths, etc).  You can also do a pre-made design, like a spider web. You can change the size of the features too.  I like it...not bad for $.99 and it wasn't as basic/simple-looking as the other choices.  Useful for:
  • following directions ("put the nose in the middle of the pumpkin" etc),
  • sequencing: tell the steps to carving a pumpkin with some pre-discussion as well
  • basic concepts/conceptual terms/spatial and temporal concepts, 
  • writing a story about the pumpkin,
  • formulating and/or writing descriptive sentences or sentences with specific targets (verbs, nouns, adjectives),
  • any other goals you can think of!

Scary Wordfind: Free. Has 3 levels: easy, medium, hard. You must find Halloween words from a word bank (with pictures).  Useful for: incentives or discussion about Halloween vocabulary or Halloween associations ("How does 'spider web' go with Halloween?")

On My List to Buy or Install
Halloween Stickers HD
Wood Puzzle Halloween
I SPY Spooky Mansion
Mickey's Spooky Night Puzzle Book
The Legend of Spookely the Square Pumpkin
Halloween Match Me
Hazy Dell HD
Halloween Match 'em Up for Kids

Just "OK" and Other Apps That I Am Not Crazy About!
SpookyCrayon: Free, and semi-worthwhile for my needs.  It's a coloring app. I'd rate it "Just OK"
SpookyPlaytime Lite: Free, and I definitely probably would not buy the app, it doesn't seem challenging enough.  There are different activities, like memory with a Halloween theme. Even for the pay version, it didn't seem like there was enough to do to warrant purchasing it.
Pumpkin Chunkin:  Free. I will be deleting this app, I didn't like it...too simplistic and no real purpose for 'chuck' pumpkins back and forth.
Pumpkin Maker:  Free.  I probably will delete this app as it as not as nice as my other app for making pumpkins.
The Very Hungry Pumpkin: Free. You drag a pumpkin around the screen to eat need to avoid monsters. I'll delete this one as well...just not my favorite.

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