Monday, February 6, 2012

Lego 4+

Lego 4+ is a FREE app that my students and my son/daughter LOVE!  Legos are such a hit among kids, so pairing it with an app is awesome.  The app begins with the child making choices to build a vehicle.  Initially, there are limited choices, but as the child progresses through the levels, additional features are available. The child will need to pick a base for their vehicle, wheels (or feet, love the feet), a driver/front of the vehicle, and a back to the vehicle.  For students, I have them describe what they are picking and they must tell me why they picked a certain part. My daughter picks the feet because she loves the pitter-patter as they run!  She also picks the boy driver for the front of the vehicle, adding that it is her 'big brother'.  She picks the girl for the back of the vehicle, because obviously that is her! The next part of the app is a course where the vehicle moves and collects lego 'coins'.  Additionally, if you pick the helicopter vehicle, you can fly. If you pick the police vehicle, there is a siren, etc. After you finish collecting the coins, there is a build a lego structure.  These structures are later visible in the background during the course part of the app.  All in all, this app is a must have for lego-enthusiasts, students, and anyone with young children! 

Here are some shots from the Apple Store:

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