Friday, February 3, 2012


I have been using QuickVoice quite a bit lately, I really like it. It is basically a voice recorder, but has so many uses! I use the FREE completely suits my needs.  Here are some of the ways I have used it lately:
  • Articulation:  I model the targets, the student repeats.  If an auditory model is not needed, the student simply says their word list on their own.  We record sets of words and use playback to score/identify correct productions.  I also email the recordings to the parent.  This way, the parent has an opportunity to hear how I model the word and how the student says their targets during production practice. This is my FAVORITE use of this's great for showing others how to do homework/drill practice in other settings. I have also used this app for auditory bombardment for listening lists and minimal pairs.  The student can wear the earphones so that they are getting increased amplification.
  • Language: The students and I use this app to record sentences, vocabulary lists, word banks, name it.  They can personalize their sentences or word banks by entering their names for the title.  A student could even record a short story or ideas...and then proceed to written form. 
  • Auditory Repetition: For student working on memory or auditory processing, I can record sentences for them to repeat.  
  • Auditory Listening Tasks: This app could definitely be useful for auditory training at any level: word lists, repeating sentences, listening to paragraphs, etc.  The clinician/teacher would just need to record the information in advance.
  • Grammar: I have added a series of sentences that contain grammatical errors, the student can listen and then hit 'pause' when they hear a mistake. 
  • Following Directions: Record a variety of oral directions for students to follow. 
This app is because the student can be in charge of hitting the play/pause button, or they could use earphones.

Other uses:
  • Spelling Tests, Quizzes: could be recorded and a student could wear earphones to take a quiz 
To email the recording, simply touch the arrow button at the bottom left corner, a prompt will appear. 

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