Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Every Day is Earth Day!

 Earth Day 2013!

It's time for one of my favorite units, Earth Day! April 22nd is Earth Day, so I usually start several weeks early so that I can discuss vocabulary and concepts ahead of time.
You can also check my past posts for activities and themes.
Earth Day 2012
Earth Day 2011

My 2013 Theme is: Whooooo Can Help the Earth?  I used various owl clip art.  I created a door display, as well as a wall display.  I try to have my door/display ready at least 1 month ahead of time.  This gives me 4+ weeks to add an 'Earthy' theme to my sessions.

For my wall, each student made an Earth Day pledge about what they can do for the Earth.  We did the pledge early in the unit.  By the end of the unit, as we approach April 22nd, I'll have the student read their pledge and decide if there is 'more' that they can do!  We will compare/contrast how their knowledge of Earth Day has changed. (Note: When I took the picture, only a few students had added their 'pledges'.  They also add their incentive stickers to the is what I use for reinforcement. At the end of the unit, they can pick a prize.)

**I'll be adding to this blog post as Earth Day approaches...if I find new sites, materials, or apps, I'll add them to this post!

Other Materials 
Just a few FREE worksheets that I have found over the years:
Earth Day Crossword  (upper elementary-middle school)
Taking Care of the Earth Crossword (upper elementary-middle school)
Lightbulbs Comprehension worksheet
Recycling Activity Book
Rebuilding Green - true story with comprehension questions
Global Warming or Climate Change - online quiz
Renewable vs Non-renewable worksheet
Earth Day Pledge (I will...  I will not...)

Apps:  I included favorites from the past that I still plan to use, as well as some new ones!

Oil Spill Clean Up: Still one of my favorites!  The students remember to ask for it as soon as they see the Earth Day materials!

Recycle HD: A very nice, and FREE, app that has lots of conservation/recycling/Earth Day material.  I will be using this app for reading text/answering questions (I'll generate the questions).  It also has nice pictures for conversation and language prompts.
iPad Screenshot 2

GoodWill Donation Match Game: Free, by GoodWill, this is a memory-style game in which players need to find matches.  The matches are either items that can be recycled or donated. I might try this app as a game/incentive after working on another task.  It will provide opportunities for discussion about recycling, donating, and reusing items.

The Lorax App: Lorax Yourself! Free

The Lorax (Book): available on the iPad

iPhone Screenshot 1

Truffula Shuffula: Free

Climate A-Z: 

The 4 Seasons: An Earth Day Interactive Storybook:
iPhone Screenshot 1

Erika Knows Green
iPhone Screenshot 1

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