Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Materials Issues!

Ok, for anyone trying to open the March materials I posted...I see that some aren't opening, I'll fix it tomorrow! Sorry!  I logged on to a different computer and realized that one of the links was not opening.

UPDATE: 3/7/13
I believe I fixed the link issues and all materials that I made for St. Pat's Day are working!  Let me know if they don't work for you.
***Just as a tip...the problem was that I forgot to 'share' or make one of the links accessible to the public.  If you want to post your documents (through google) to your blog or another site, and you want anyone to be able to view them, make sure you 'share' the item and select "anyone with this link can view".  I was making so many other materials, I forgot to enable this option for one of the material packets.  I only post this because it is so easy to forget a step and this was an easy fix.

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