Wednesday, October 12, 2011

iOS 5

Thought I'd post this article link summarizing some of the new features that we can expect with the upgrade to iOS 5!

iOS 5 by Lifehacker

Here is the info on Apple's site as well.

Just some of my favorites and things I am looking forward to:
  • Definitely looking forward to some of the new camera options...making albums and being able to click/drag photos/videos ...oh Apple, you have made me so happy!  No more searching for Speech samples (video), could it be????  Plus lots of other slick camera and photo options.
  • I am definitely looking forward to the Notification Center...all of my alerts in one place, just like my Android-powered phone.
  • Reminders:  Yes!  I love making a good "To-Do" List.   Note to self: IEP 'To-Do' lists here I come!
  • New multi-tasking ways to swipe around the screen!
  • More features in 'Mail' being able to BOLD and underline, yay!
  • And just a variety of other fun features to explore of course....

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