Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Toca Store and Toca Birthday Party

I am sure that everyone knows that I am a loving fan of Toca Boca...and they did it again!  Two more really great apps that I have been meaning to talk about for awhile!
Toca Store (might be my favorite yet) and Toca Birthday Party

Toca Store: This is a great app for role play.  One person is the store owner (we also use the terms vendor, cashier, etc).  This person is responsible for setting up the picking the items they want to sell.  We talk a great deal about picking items that we think our customer would want (perspective taking, thinking about others, etc). The other role is the customer, who picks items and pays for them.  The options are endless for goals.  I have used this game during many sessions already and each session is different. Some sessions we use all non-verbal communication to indicate that the store is open, bargain/set prices, indicate that we are ready to pay, etc.  Other sessions, the students must verbally bargain for a fair price...we talk about what happens if we set a price too high or too low (losing customers vs. not making a profit).  Of course, since money is involved, there are math goals that could be incorporated as well. I also have the students review their order or explain why they bought certain items.  One of my students had the idea that he wanted to work on his skills of persuasion by trying to convince his 'cheap' partner to buy more items! I could go on and on!

Here are pics from the Apple Store:

Toca Birthday Party:  If you enjoy Toca Tea Party, you will love this app as well.  It is a very similar theme.  There is a gift to open, cake to serve and eat, drinks, and some party poppers.  Again, this app is great for turn-taking, role play, non-verbal communication, and it is suitable for both boys and girls. Plus many other goals!

Here is a screenshot from the Apple Store:

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