Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More Swiping?

With the iOS5 upgrade, there are some new 'moves' that you can take advantage of.  I like them!

  1. Access the Multi-tasking Bar easier: use 4 or 5 fingers and swipe upwards, your multi-tasking bar will appear.  Previously, you needed to double-tap the home button to access this.  Use the same 4 or 5 fingers and a downward swipe to get rid of it.
  2. Going between different apps: When using an app, use 4 or 5 fingers and swipe sideways to switch from app to app.  This is such a useful tool when practicing during sessions...students can easily use multiple apps (ex: Practice /s/ blends from Articulate It!, switch to Cut the Rope to take a turn at the game, return to Articulate It! to continue practicing /s/ blends, and so on...).
**I'll add some pics later...or maybe even a video!***

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