Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Make Dice for Anything!

Make Dice Lite is a really FANTASTIC app and it's FREE!  You can buy the upgrade, but I find the Lite version to fit my needs perfectly (the upgrade is also ad-free).  You can adapt this app to meet any possible therapy or educational need.  I personally use it for: sentence formulation, grammar, articulation, conversation, emotions, social skills, etc...really the possibilities are endless.  Essentially, you are making dice.  The dice are slightly 'hyper'...they are very sensitive to bumps and they really bounce around, but the students think it is hilarious.Why not try it for Math (adding, subtracting, multiplying), Reading words, vocabulary words, picking students for a special task/chore, etc.?

I made dice for my articulation students.  For some students, we made our word lists together, which was practicing in itself.  We named them too.  I also have my own 'kit' of dice for all target sounds.  I have multiple dice for each sound, ex: 3 /r/ initial (6 words each), 3 /r/ medial, etc.   The kids 'throw' their dice and wait for them to settle down. Then the practice begins....some students say a word 3x (also add a number dice...the number determines how many times they say the word), some say 3 words (3 dice with different words), and others use the word in a sentence. 

The students and I made dice to meet their goals, ex: irregular past tense verbs.  I put the present tense verb on the dice and the student then rolls and changes the word to past tense/uses it in a sentence.  I have dice for: all verb tenses, plurals, etc.

Language formulation:
I made dice for conjunctions, relative clauses, academic vocabulary, etc.  Again the students need to use the target word in a sentence.  I also made dice for comparing...compare the 2 items that, tell how they are similar and different.  One of my favorite uses for this app is question formulation.  I made wh- question die and paired that die with a conversation topic die.  The students took turns formulation wh-questions.

Social Skills:
I made dice for emotions...one student tosses the dice and then acts out that emotion for their peer. I also had each group of students list topics (each group had their own dice).  I also made name dice.  The students played a round-robbing style game working on conversation. They needed to ask each other questions based on the topic and group member's name.
Another fun variation for conversation is our game, 'Quick Talk'...We decide on a group topic, such as Summer, and use 1 wh- question die.  We set a timer for 3 min...and we do rapid turn passing and formulating questions...I am the scorekeeper and I try to write down all of the questions.  Afterward, we review the list and see if we stayed on topic, asked appropriate questions, and thought of the most important questions.
My OT co-workers had great ideas for incorporating the SuperFlex curriculum that we all use.  I will be making dice with the different unthinkable characters.  We would likely then act them out or identify what that character does/how to defeat them.

The list really goes on and on... =)

Tips for Use:
  • To delete or change out dice, hold down on a die...it highlights and an "x" appears along with a list of other dice...you can delete dice by hitting the "x" or switch the dice. 
  • To add dice, hit the 'plus sign in a box' icon...another die will pop out.  If you don't want that particular die, follow the tip above to change it.  
  • To add a new dice (shortcut) just hit the plain plus sign. You can also go into settings (gear shaped icon) and add new dice.  It's pretty self-explanatory...just click add new dice, add your title, pick your color, add your targets to the sides. Make sure to SAVE it!!!!
  • You can have up to 5 or 6 dice out on the table at one time. 
  • You can also change the colors...the students like picking the color. You can also change the table background, which they like as well.  
Screen Shots: Here are some of the dice I have made...
A list of some dice that I made...
/r/ final words

Topic: School, ask a why question

SuperFlex Dice

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