Monday, May 2, 2011

The Cloudy Shake

The Cloudy Shake is a free app designed for the iphone/ipod based on "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs".  While it is designed for the iphone, it can be enlarged for the iPad.  This decreases the quality of the graphics slightly; however, the app is still very usable. The Cloudy Shake is similar to other 'making things' apps such as Cookie Doodle.  You scroll through ingredients (by swiping left/right) to add to your shake. The ingredients include things like: pickles, hamburgers, etc. Then you shake the ipad to start the blender...and your shake is made!  Tilt the iPad to drink it and the concoction disappears!  There is also a scale that gives a 'how yucky is it' rating. How did I use this in therapy?  Mostly for social skills and social language.  I targeted:
  • Nonverbal communication: eye contact, facial expression, body language
  • Indicating yes/no with head nods
  • Interviewing friends/peers: asking people what they would like in their shake and reading their non-verbal (or verbal) response.
  • Asking why questions: "Why did you pick ____?"  "Why didn't you pick______?"
  • Talking about opinions and justifying opinions: "I picked ______ because..."
  • Turn taking and conversation: Peer must watch steps and after the partner drinks the shake, they repeat what was in the shake and if they would have liked it.  Then switch roles. Asking questions back and forth.

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