Thursday, May 5, 2011

More Toca Boca! Toca Doctor!

Toca Doctor, made by the same developer as Toca Tea Party and Helicopter Taxi, was recently released and also has a 'lite' version.   I downloaded the lite version and then bought the full version for $1.99.  There are 5-6 games in the lite version and 18 in the full version. You begin the app by having the Toca character do a body scan.  You can then see different areas where something is wrong.  When you click on each area, there is a puzzle or game to play.  For therapy, I would be able to use this app in some of the following ways:
  • Fun reinforcement following other structured skills (ex: After saying 20 /r/ words, a student could choose one puzzle)
  • Verbal reasoning: After targeting verbal reasoning skills in more structured activities, I could use this app as a concluding activity for the session.  We could talk about what might cause problems in the afflicted areas:  How do you think this person broke their leg?  How do you think we will fix it? How could that be fixed in real life? If your friend had a broken leg, how do you think they would feel?  What could you do to help them or make them feel better?
  • As I use the app, I am sure I can find other uses for it!  The games are fun, but they might not be advanced enough for my older students.

***Just some notes...once you complete all 18 puzzles and games, simply reset the game by double tapping the home button on the iPad.  This will bring up a row of apps along the bottom of your screen.  This is how you reset and close out apps that are in use (which helps with speed). Hold down an app until it is in jiggly mode, then tap the minus sign.  This will reset this app and all puzzles will be ready to go. 

***Review:  While I like this app, and my near-4 year old son loves it, I would have liked it if it had more to do.  My son was able to finish all 18 puzzles in approximately 30 minutes.  He likes doing them over and over, but nonetheless I would have liked to see additional levels/games possibly. I might be cheap, but I think $.99 would have been a better price!

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