Monday, May 2, 2011

I Love Ice Cream

I Love Ice Cream is another FREE app!  This app is similar to YummyBurgers, only I think it is slightly more challenging.  It takes more concentration and discrimination.  The goal is to make orders for sundaes correctly along an assembly line.  Your 'order' is displayed on the bottom.  As the dish passes, you must pick the correct item and have it drop into your dish with correct timing. Of course, because it is moving along an assembly line, timing is key! The items are also particular to can't tap, you have to use a downward dragging motion to use the lever on each topping. I have not yet tried this with students as most are still finding YummyBurgers challenging. There is a cute monkey who tells you if you made the order correct or not.  I like YummyBurgers slightly more because it includes the facial expression of the customers as well.  This app would be a nice supplement for students who find YummyBurgers too easy perhaps.  The goals that could be targeted include:
  • Timing
  • Fine motor
  • Coordination
  • Discrimination
  • Sequencing
  • Pre-planning
  • Fast paced turn taking with partner (passing ipad between peers for each order)
  • Tallying (how many correct orders? how many incorrect?)

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