Saturday, May 14, 2011

Math? Is there an app for that? Of course!

A co-worker inquired about math apps recently, so I thought I would search around.  Since I do not extensively cover math in my Speech/Language sessions, I just thought I would list some of the free apps that I downloaded and list some of the pay apps.  Like any app search, sometimes you have to think outside of the box.  Simply searching for 'math' might give you 600+ results, which takes quite awhile to sort through!  There is everything from counting to higher level statistics/calculus/geometry/etc. Also, you might miss out on some really great apps that aren't specifically labeled as 'math'.  As another reminder, I only use my iPad as an additional tool, it's never the main focus of a session...and it takes extensive work on my end to find apps that fit my goals.  The iPad is not a replacement for traditional therapy.

Free (and installed on my iPad):
Kids Math Fun - Kindergarten level: basic addition and subtraction facts
Little Math: basic addition/subtraction facts, the app is so-so.
My Math App: basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
Pizza Fractions: identify the fraction based on the pizza picture.
Math Matrix Lite: click jewels with numbers to total a number given.
Rocket Math: Do math (money, facts, etc) to earn money to build a rocket. Looks fun, I just have the lite version.
McGraw Hill Everyday Math: I have 9 apps that I got for free...all sorts of fun ones. Our district uses Everday Math, so downloading these made sense. The link given goes to 'Top It", but you can see what other apps McGraw Hill has through that link.   I got all 9 apps for free for a promotion one week, but now they are $1.99 each I believe.  The baseball math app is really cute/fun...great for baseball season!

Other apps that I came across:
Word Problems
Word Problems Level 3
Park Math: greater than/less than, addition/subtraction, sequencing, patterns, sorting, counting, etc. by Duck, Duck, Moose, I might buy this one, it looks good.

I really could keep listing apps (and I'll add to this list as time progresses), but like with any goal, it's really dependent on what your student or child needs.  If you have a goal and can't find an app, you are always more than welcome to list your question here and perhaps someone else knows of an app!

There are so many apps that I already have which are not identified as 'math apps', but could be tailored to meet a goal.  Shopping Cart is a great example of an app that would not be found under a 'math' search, yet it can be used for price comparison, more/less concepts, addition, sequencing, total/sum concepts, find the difference (money), etc.

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