Friday, May 20, 2011

Dice Match HD for Higher Level Verbal Reasoning, Fine Motor, and Attending!

Dice Match HD for higher level verbal reasoning, fine motor, and attending...phew, that is quite the list of goals! I am an avid fan of the game Farkle...both computer-based and board game versions.  This is not Farkle, but somewhat similar.  There are 40 die (dice) and you need to match the die based on the same numbers.  As long as the die touch, you can drag your finger and connect them to earn points...the more die you connect, the more points you earn!   Part of the strategy is not lifting your finger as you move from dice to dice. You are given 30 total turns. There are also special die with multipliers...which increase your score. How would this relate to therapy?
  • Conceptual Terms and Following Directions: Instead of just one person playing on their own, try the game in partners with turn taking. You could do this two ways:  1) Student gives therapist directions, ex: "Look in the corner, find the 4's, drag your finger up, then to the left, then up, etc."  Then the therapist would give the student directions 2) The student picks their own route/group of matching dice, but must describe their route as they move, "First I will start with this 4, I go up, to the left, down, etc."
  • Logic and Reasoning: Have the student explain why they are choosing a particular set of die.  "I chose the group of 4's because there were 8...the 6's only were a group of 3."  
  • Fine Motor, Attending, Scanning, and Discrimination:  I thought this app related well to my fellow OT's.  One of my older student's commented that he knew the game would be hard because he would have to discriminate between the die, in addition to keeping his finger pressed down as he dragged it across the die. Even though he knew it was challenging, he was very interested in playing and increasing his scores.
I really enjoy this game for therapy, but it also is a personal favorite for situations like waiting rooms or having a good game night with my husband.  I would likely rate this app as most appropriate for students above 4th grade.  The coolest factor is that it is FREE!!!  You can upgrade to different screens and die styles for additional money, but I find the free version to be more than sufficient.

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