Friday, April 29, 2011

The 'Moms with Apps' App

Moms with Apps is a nice site that features both new and old apps that apply to children. My FAVORITE feature is "App Friday"...every Friday, they feature 2 or 3 FREE or reduced in price apps.  Today, Friday April 29th, LanguageBuilder is free.  I was shocked!  I really wanted this app, I was hoping that it might be free for May, since May is Better Speech and Hearing Month.  I was really stoked to see it listed today as their free app promotion.  Moms with Apps is available in 3 ways:  online website, Facebook page, and the itunes app.  All three seem to show similar or the same information; however, I perfer the Facebook page because it sends me the newsfeeds.
Here is the website.
Here is the app.
Here is the Facebook page.

I have been able to get quite a few free apps through their notifications/features each Friday!  The site and app also have good information.

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