Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cookie Doodle

Cookie Doodle ($.99) is an app that allows students/children/adults to 'make cookies'. You can select pre-made dough or you can make your own by selecting 'Make Dough'.  I prefer the 'Make Dough' option for therapy.  The student then picks what type of dough they make, I add questions like, "why do you like that dough? Tell me a type of cookie that you do not like, and why." The students then do whatever goal/task I have selected for the session.  Some samples: saying a list of sentences with their target sound, performing oral motor tasks, or any language-based activity.  Once the student has completed their turn, they are allowed to select an ingredient.  They drag the ingredient to the bowl.  Each ingredient does something different. You need to tap/crack the egg, squeeze food dye, pour vanilla, sift flour, slice butter, etc.  You actually have to perform these tilt the ipad to pour, etc.  We continue rotating therapy tasks and adding ingredients.  Next they get to stir the dough, then roll it out, and then bake it. Of course, you also get to frost and decorate the cookie.  I ask frequent 'Why' questions: Why did we add vanilla?  Why did we place the cookie in the oven?  Why do you put frosting on BEFORE the sprinkles?  The students are so interested in making their cookie, they often do not realize I am targeting secondary goals, like answering higher level questions.  To conclude the activity, before the student can 'eat' their cookie (tapping/eating sound on the ipad), the student must tell me a story about how they made their cookie using specific words, transition words, and correct sequence. This is an EXCELLENT app!   There are even season cookies. You can save cookies to your cookie jar...which can lead to some fun comparing/contrasting questions.  This type of app is available in other formats, like More Tacos! More Grillin'! Candy Doodle, Cake Doodle, Cupcake Corner, and More Buffet!!  I also bought More Buffet!  You can pick foods from all over the world!  There are many other of these 'maker' types of apps.  YummyBurger has a 'lite' version that I have as well.  You need to build burgers based on what customers want.  You can buy the full version if you like the lite version.

The tasks and goals that you can co-target with this app are unlimited!

Here is More Buffet!  (also $.99)
I think this app would be great for including a goal targeting use of describing words and answering questions (How does corn taste? Why shouldn't you pour gravy on pancakes? etc).   I wish it had a few more cool tricks/options.  The soft tacos can be difficult to roll up. This would also be a good app for following directions and role play...the clinician can direct the student what to make and where to put it on the plate.

Cupcake Corner
My co-worker suggested this app to me.  I have not yet bought it, but I will be doing that soon!  It is wonderful.  The child must look at a pre-made cupcake and decide what steps and ingredients they need to use to make a cupcake that matches the picture.  This will be a wonderful app to target following directions, comparing/contrasting, etc.

So far, I only have the Lite version (Free); however,  I like it.  This app is similar to Cupcake corner.  You need to build burgers based on what a customer orders.  I think this could be a useful app for some social role student could be the customer and another could be the cook.  We could talk about communication breakdowns, problems/solutions, etc.  This app would also work well for following sequential directions and performing tasks at a rapid pace (timing).

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