Thursday, April 21, 2011

Video and Camera

I was highly impressed with the original iPad; however, when Apple revealed that iPad 2 had a camera and video...I knew that the therapeutic value would be unlimited. 

I unfortunately do not have video to share as it would violate confidentiality; however, I can describe how the video has been used for therapy.  I have used the video to record fluency, speech, and language samples.  The vocal quality is very good, especially when I use my earbuds.  For evaluation purposes, it is nice that I can refer to the video to tally eye contact, look at mouth formation for sound production, or look for any other useful speech information.  I can also use the video for therapy, primarily in the area of articulation, fluency, or voice. The student produces their target words, sentences, or we participate in a conversation.  The student is then asked to watch/listen to their sample and identify target sounds they produced well.  I always ask if this is 'ok' with a student and I respect their decision if they do not want to watch/listen. Most students request to practice with the video and have shown excellent gain in their ability to self-monitor.

Social skills are another area that have been positively affected by the use of the iPad's video.  We can record social situations and role play...which we later review.  We watch for communication breakdowns, problems/solutions, and the many 'Unthinkables' (from SuperFlex curriculum) that can lead us astray!!!  The students love using the video in this manner. 

The camera has been highly useful.  Since I carry my iPad 2 with me to most places, I have been snapping pictures of 'Green' items for our Earth Day unit.  I have taken pictures at stores, in neighborhoods, etc.  This truly is no different than what I could do with other traditional cameras; however, the ease with which I can share the large pictures with students is a definite positive. During sessions, I can immediately display pictures I have collected or I can have students scroll through the pictures and tell me why the item is important.  For social skills, this is ideal in identifying problems that may occur. 
While the camera is a very nice addition, I wish it had higher megapixels.  The feature that I love about the camera is that it is can switch the screens so that it faces you or faces your partner.
Here is a sample picture so that you can see the quality.  This is a picture of some earth-friendly bags made from recycled juice packs, etc.  I took the photo to show students...I asked questions and had them make predictions/inferences about the products.

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