Friday, April 22, 2011

Tips and Tricks

Here are some easy tips and tricks:
  • Take a picture of a screen shot: Push the top (power) and home buttons at the same time (but don't hold for long). The photo will be stored in your photo library.   
  • Opening More Apps: To open other apps while another app is running, simply double push the home button. 
  • Quit Apps: Many people don't realize that every time you open an app, it remains running.  This can slow down your iPad.  Once a day (or more), I close/quit the apps I have been using.  To do this:
    • Tap the Home button twice: a row of apps will appear on the bottom of the screen...these are all of the apps that are running.
    • Touch and hold down on one app in the bottom row. A minus sign will appear.  Tap the minus signs to close the apps.  This will also restore apps to their home/start status...not all apps have a home button.
  • Save an image on a webpage: Tap and hold on an image on any web page.  You will see a prompt to save the image. 
  • No time to add a period to a sentence? Hit the spacebar twice (double space) and a period will be added for you.
  • Connecting your iPad to a SMART Board: I do not have a SMART Board, so I can not say if this works. Click on the link above (It explains the process).  Note: It looks like you need wi-fi.   
  • Lock the orientation of your screen: There are 2 ways:  
    • Use the Side Switch (near the volume button along the length-side)....NOTE:  recent iOS updates defaulted this button to 'Mute' mode...if you would rather have this button lock the orientation, simply go into settings,  and touch/check the "LOCK ROTATION" option under "Use Side Switch to:" category.
    • Double push the Home button. Scroll all of the way to the left. Select the circle/lock button (when it is unlocked mode there is no lock, just a circle).
      • From this mode you can also:
        • change screen brightness
        • adjust volume
        • access your music/iPod/itunes
        • quit/close apps: hold down on an app, push minus sign (described above as well)

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