Saturday, April 9, 2011

How do I clean this iPad?

Since the iPad 2 is used in therapy, I had some concerns about how to ensure that it stayed clean and germ-free.  I purchased ZAGG foam, which is a gadget cleaning foam that is supposedly safe and made for iPads.; however, per Apple, they don't recommend anything other than a very slightly damp cloth. I have a screen protector on my iPad, so I feel fine about using the foam. So, if you don't have a screen protector, it's probably best to follow Apple's advice and use a fine cloth or a cloth that is just slightly damp.
The foam also has no CFC's and is antibacterial.  It came with a small cloth.  I bought a 2.7 oz container at Target for $9.99.  I will post a review on it as I use it.  They also sell a wipe style product, which I have not yet tried...but I thought I'd try this spray first to avoid having to throw out individual wipes.  This is also the same manufacturer as the screen protector I bought, which is the ZAGG invisibleSHEILD. With as much use as my iPad 2 will get, I felt having the screen protector was necessary.

UPDATE (4/12/11): I think that next time I'd go with a different screen protector. It got highly scratched by a student during a therapy session...under careful supervision! This is the screen protector, not the foam. The foam continues to work nice and I would HIGHLY recommend the foam!

UPDATE (2/21/2012): I finally grew tired of the protective skin on the iPad, so I removed it.  For now, I will just use a slightly damp cloth or dry microfiber cloth.  As always, I try my best to watch the students to ensure that their hands are clean before using the iPad.

Zagg Foam

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