Saturday, April 23, 2011

More on SoundTouch

I previously described how to use SoundTouch for students who enjoy auditory stimulation; however, this app has so many other uses! You can do a trial of Sound Touch Lite to see if you like it. My son and daughter (ages 3 and 1) also love this.  They just love listening to the different sounds.
  • Vocabulary: This app is great for building can do this receptively or expressively.  "Find the goat" or "Tell me what this animal is".
  • Comparing/contrasting items: students can pick 2 icons/items and explain how they are different and how they are the same.
  • Social referencing and nonverbal communication:  This app could also be used for a "follow my eye to the prize" task.  The student would visually select an item (no talking)...the partner then points to items until the student confirms with a yes/no head nod.  The partner can then press the icon to hear the sound.   I have also used this with acting/role play...the student is required to act out one of the items (ex: playing guitar, or a flamingo, etc) and his peers must guess what he is doing.  After each turn, we talk about what was helpful and what other actions the student could have done to help lead his team to the answer.
  • Describing: I have also used this app for describing. A student must describe the item, "It's in the animal group, it lives in water, it hops, it croaks" and their partner must guess the item.
  • Following directions: This can be used for simple, multi-step, and complex directions.  "Before you touch the horse, touch the duck" or "Touch the piano, the horn, and then the violin". etc.  For a higher level, have the student create directions for you.
  • Listening skills/Auditory Discrimination: This app can also be great for auditory listening skills...the student closes their eyes, I click an icon, they tell me what they heard.  I can increase the difficulty level...try playing 3 sounds and see if your student can list them back in order!

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