Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sticky Apps!

I LOVE 'Sticky' Apps!  'Sticky' apps have different scenes and 'stickers' that students can place on the page. These apps are great for:
  • Following Directions: Clinicians can give a variety of directions to students OR the students can formulate directions to give each other!  Ex: "Place the orange starfish between the green seaweed and the clam shell."  I target: spatial (position in space) directions, temporal (time/order) directions, and multi-step (2-3+ step) directions. 
  • Formulating Sentences and Describing: Students formulate descriptive sentences about their scene...you can easily target any goal: actions, adjectives, conceptual terms, etc. 
  • Articulation: Students practice words/sentences containing their target sounds...then they can pick one detail or sticker to add to their scene.  At the end, I generally have them describe their scene or tell a short story...I listen for their target sound in connected speech and we review any words with their target sound.  This pic shows how articulation practice can include StickyClicky Easter!

  • Social Skills: These apps are wonderful for shared interest, eye contact, whole body listening, and other pragmatic skills.  A great activity is similar to "Follow My Eyes to the Prize".  One student visually picks an item by staring at it.  The other student must 'follow their eyes' to the item.  This is a non-verbal activity. Once the student figures out what his/her partner is staring at, the student then begins to drag the sticker around the screen until his/her partner indicates with head nod yes that the item is in the correct location. This activity is great in small groups as it also can address flexible thought.
  • I have MANY more ways to use these apps!!!!
'Sticky Apps':
ClickySticky: $1.99; has 6 scenes (ocean, airport/jets, pirate/ballerina, astronaut/moon, safari, dinosaurs), many stickers to choose from.  Many of the stickers do actions or make noises (jets rumble, volcanoes erupt,  etc) Love it!  My fellow SLP co-worker showed me this one---Thanks to her!

ClickySticky Easter: $.99; same as ClickySticky but with Easter theme (decorate eggs, 2 build-a-scenes, flower vase, and build-a-basket).  Very cute, a great hit with articulation practice, describing, following directions, and comparing/contrasting (eggs).  I like to use the 'egg decorating' mode for complex directions, such as: "Before you put pink stripes on the second egg in the top row, put green stripes on the 2nd egg in the bottom row" or "If April is in Spring, put pink stripes on the second egg". Also, I like to have the students give me directions.

Click Me Stick Me: Lite is Free (I did not buy the full version, but now I don't see the lite version); farm/hill scene, stickers include all sorts of animals, barns, plants, farmers, etc. Very nice for following directions or story building.

123 Sticker: $1.99; has different scenes (winter wonderland, Christmas, Carnival, Playground, Beach, Halloween). Very nice stickers for action sentences or you could even do some social stories. My fellow SLP co-worker showed me this one---Thanks to her!

Funny Stickers (Lite):  Lite is Free, but you can buy the full version. The Lite version includes an ocean scene, very cute.  Some of the stickers do actions, like the puffer fish 'puffs up'.

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