Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dusty D. Dawg Has Feelings Too!

Believe it or not, this app is FREE!  I am loving it. You can have the book read by the narrator (girl's voice), or supposedly you can record your own voice (haven't yet tried).  You can also personalize it with someone's name and picture on the first page.  The first page talks about how dogs go through feelings just like people...which is a great intro.  I can talk about: How are dogs and people the same? How are we different? What feelings do you think a dog might have?  The story is very comprehension in that it talks about how feelings are a big part of our day and can affect us. For each feeling (and the book goes through all of the major feelings), there is a cute picture reflecting the emotion.  I usually ask questions like: What did Dusty do? How does Dusty look? How do you know he is feeling ____?  When would you feel like this? How do you look when you feel like that?  The dog in the book is really cute and portrays the emotions well.  There are also pages that portray good eye contact and whole body listening.

Losing a friend
Excited (new friend)
Not winning
Angry (when things don't go right)
Feeling sorry (even says, "it shows in my eyes")

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