Saturday, April 9, 2011

Autism Awareness Month Specials!

ABA Flashcards from are FREE this month!!!  I believe they are generally $.99 each...but I was able to download approximately 20+ apps for free.  ABA is promoting these apps free to promote Autism Awareness.  All of the apps were created for an iPhone; however, the apps can easily enlarge for the iPad and unlike other apps of this nature, the enlarged apps look GREAT!  There are apps that address all sorts of vocabulary categories as well as some other language skills. I'll list a few:

ABA Flash Careds - Actions

ABA Problem Sovling Game - Which does not belong?

ABA Receptive Identifcation

I won't list all of the apps...there are a TON!  There are ABA apps that address emotions, go togethers, etc.  Here are some screen shots.

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